Our skills

  • Spare part Furnace
  • Spare Part Furnace

Our assets: Services

  • We receive your used parts to realize the drawings to offer you repair and technical improvement options. In this way, we are able to carry out a more in-depth expertise than the visual diagnosis, notably by carrying out analyzes and weldability tests. 

  • In addition we keep all the parts sent by our customers for later use. We therefore have a real catalog of life-sized parts, regularly enriched with everything that is done in the field of heat treatment furnace. We follow the evolution of the market in this way: what works well, what does not work well, what can be improved, etc.

  • We can come at your factory to expertize your parts in order to make you the best technical and financial proposal for its replacement or repair. We have a dense and stable network for 20 years, European agents who are just as many local interlocutors available and speaking your language.

  • We are also able to offer you the installation of parts on your site. This service allows you to avoid immobilizing staff as well as calling on external skills and services that are sometimes expensive. We know the spare parts because we made it so we know how to adjust it to the best, or even correct a small detail, which saves time and money.

  • We also offer a service of storage and securing your production by setting up a protocol of storage contract. We manufacture and store the pieces of your oven. So in case of breakage or breakdown, the part is immediately available for shipment, without manufacturing delay and with an extremely reduced immobilization of your oven. Billing is done when you need it.