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Almost 70 years of professionalim

  • Team RD Technologies

Between La Résistance RD founded in 1947 and the founding of the RD Group in 2013, more than 60 years of expertise have allowed RD Technologies become a performing and innovating company, well-known in the market of thermal treatment furnaces.

"We have always wished to improve our skills, to create new products, and also develop our partnership and explore new markets".

In 2007, with the founding of  l'identité RD Technologies, we wished to demonstrate that we wanted to go forward, especially towards export, making a more inspiring name for us.

In 2013, we were still paving the way to achieve it, buying out the C.A.R company, that has been working since 1988 - just like us - in the thermal treatment furnaces market. It has complementarities in know-how and responsiveness in production that will further improve our competitiveness. Always having in mind the main priority which is to see all our customers satisfied with our services. 

We work in the following markets:

  • Automotive and mechanical engineering industries
  • Aeronautics, armament, energy industries
  • Aluminium production industry
  • Foundries industry
  • Sintering industry
  • Glassware industry
  • Farming and civil engineering industries
  • The manufacturing of tooling, ball bearings and springs 
  • Fastenings and fittings industries
  • Cutting and deep-drawing industries
  • The electronic components industry
  • Furnace makers industry
  • Thermal treatment industry