Specific demand

Extreme packaging and transport

As we are used to produce standard pieces like muffles for production line furnaces, it is rather rare to carry out pieces of this size and even more exceptional to send them to the other side of the ocean.

After having finished the muffle, we called in a specialized packaging company for a maritime container. We had to inform them of the size, centre of gravity, weight and volume of the piece, so that they could study the design of the packing crate and the wooden frame for the muffle. The day before the site, a truck delivered all the prefabricated units and only half a day was needed for packing.

Making of the custom-made cover

First the film is put under the frame which supports the muffle. The fragile parts are protected one by one, as well as the lifting ears. Then the film is welded hermetically. As a precaution some sachets with anti-moisture salts were placed inside. The whole is strapped up and then a vacuum is created so that the cover goes perfectly with the shape of the piece.

The piece is ready to receive the wooden panels which are going to be assembled around it in order  to make a protective crate. Finally, two forklift trucks are necessary to bring it to the transport truck.