Special repairing

On Muffle annealing furnaces working with refractory alloying we make :

  1. Examine the parts in our premises in order to identify which pieces will be kept and which must be replaced.
  2. Draw up a descriptive account and a production plan.
  3. Repair the checked part and control the sealing upon customer's request (Dye penetrant, under pressure and helium inspection) and dimensional controlling.
  • Old muffle
    Old muffle
  • Repaired muffle
    Repaired muffle

On Turbo Blocks for SAFED T40/T60/T80/T120 furnace muffles :

Inspections include :

  1. Electrical testing
  2. Seal inspection and cooling testing
  3. Replacement of bearings and gaskets, and also of joint shafts and turbines.
  • Old Turbo blocks
    Old Turbo blocks
  • Repaired Turbo blocks
    Repaired Turbo blocks