Our pieces for Vertical furnaces

We incorporate in this category of furnaces : Bell type furnaces, retort furnaces, wells furnaces.

Pots or holes

As with a conveyor furnace muffle, this element contains the active atmosphere and the load which are static during the treatment. Thermal treatments are often based on cementation, carbonitriding, hardening, annealing and normalizing. The constraints are thermal in heating zones and mechanical where the load is supported. Alloys must adapt to these constraints.

We can replace or repair your parts, and are able to imitate every kind of hole or pot made of sheet metal, from the simplest to the most difficult shapes.
Our commercial, technical and administrative staff stand ready to provide you with the pot (or hole) of vertical furnaces best adapted to your needs.


This is a real "furnace door ", and is permanently in contact with both the interior with its high temperatures and the exterior. It works as a thermal insulator, and most of the time it ensures the management of the burner thanks to its gas injection units, atmosphere control units and fan circulation driven by electric-motor and channeled by a convection cone. For some vertical bell-type furnaces, a plug set on the bottom side supports the load (base, floor of the furnace).

We can replace or repair your parts, and are able to imitate every kind of plug, base, floor for vertical bell type furnaces or vertical furnaces, pot made in sheet metal, from the simplest to the most difficult shapes.

Load bearing and baskets

In some furnaces the load will be placed on a mounting load support type. In other cases, containing carriers adapted to these types of parts are more suitable and facilitate their movement from one side of the workshop to another, moving to quenching, tempering and washing after high temperature treatment. Each holder furnace or carrier can be examined and adapted to all your requirements.

Others accessories

We draw on our many years of experience and know-how in the field of chamber furnaces and their environment in order to provide you with :

  • Convention turbines that work under protective atmosphere, the overhauling of engines and of their whole system. Standard items are scarce; most of these items are adapted to your furnace.
  • Positioning and separation grids of treated parts. These are generally made from grates and it is possible to choose between different dimensions within a range of alloys adapted to each type of thermal treatment.
  • Thread seal for pot flanges, holes for plugs in different materials.
  • Other accessories such as lifting bars, exchangers, connectors for injection units are available on customer request.