Our pieces for Vacuum Furnace

In this category, we group together: chamber furnaces in which a more or less high vacuum is carried out during the thermal treatment process. This Vacuum can be permanent or temporary, particularly to purify the inside parts of the enclosure. The atmosphere can also be active. These are generally horizontal furnaces.

The muffle

Some vacuums require a metal muffle in the heating zone; the sealing must therefore be perfect.

We can manufacture and control this kind of vacuum furnace's muffle made of sheet metal, regardless of its shape. The alloy (link) will be chosen according to imperatives related to temperature, parts, and interior activity of the furnace. Our commercial, technical and administrative Staff are stand ready to provide you with the muffle best adapted to your needs.

Carriers and installation of parts

To install the treated parts, you can ask for carriers or several adjustable grids for installation. Parts will be, according to your requirements, kept individually (no contact with each other) or in bulk if the desired results make this possible.

  • Rd technologies montage traitement four sous vide ipsen
  • rd technologies four sous vide
  • rd technologies panier de four sous vide bme ou ceco


Sometimes known as " floor of the vacuum furnace", Rd Technologies’ grids are examined and adapted to your furnace in all their dimensions, and it is the same for the alloys used for their manufacture. We do not have standard items, each customer is provided with a part specific to their needs.


These are heating elements, particularly used in the B.M.I vacuum furnaces, also called "strapping". Some standard resistors are available, we adapt them to your furnace's real dimensions and use with a suitable alloy.

Other accessories

We draw on our many years of experience and know-how in the field of furnaces and their environment in order to also provide you with:

  • Turbine Flowers for furnaces containing ventilation systems.
  • Ceramic holders for BM.I. 54R et 55RN furnaces that are currently available and that can be quickly delivered to you.
  • Electric connection bars.
  • Any other item in refractory alloys made of sheet metal or mechanized welding.