Our pieces for Conveyor furnaces

In this category, we group together conveyor belt furnaces, conveyor furnace, continuous furnaces, shaker hearth furnaces and pusher furnaces.

The muffle

This is a key part of the thermal treatment furnace, be it for cementation, carbonitriding, quenching, hyper-quenching, brazing, sintering, annealing (in low temperatures but also bright annealing in stainless steel) or other similar industrial processes. The muffle undergoes harsh thermal, mechanic, and chemical constraints, due to the active atmosphere.
We can replace or repair your parts, and are able to imitate every kind of conveyor muffle furnace made of sheet metal, from the simplest to the most difficult shapes. 

Our commercial, technical and administrative staff are available to discuss the rotary retort furnace best adapted to your needs.

The cooking floor and the skids

These movable elements - or movement makers - undergo the same constraints as muffles, which are also exposed to wear by friction and thermal shocks. Their lifetime is often reduced compared to that of the muffle, and repair is to be expected, especially for SAFED furnace types. We can also provide you with rollers (ceramic or metal) for the skids and with certain sealing balls in different dimensions. 

The conveyor belt

This part undergoes considerable wear and is always in movement, its lifetime will depend on its use (load, speed, temperature, atmosphere and settings) but also on the conditions of the muffle and the cooking floor in which it slides. Several types of weaving are possible.
We are able to satisfy special requirements (highly ventilated conveyor belts SVR type for reflow furnaces, or conveyor belts CH3/CH4 type to carry small pieces and chain conveyors (1382 degrees Fahrenheit maximum).

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the solution best adapted to your needs.

You can also download our specific leaflet related to conveyor belts.

Others accessories

We draw on our many years of experience and know-how in the field of furnaces and their environment in order to provide you with:

  • RD bloc turbo T80
  • Convection turbines that work under protective atmosphere, the overhauling of engines and their whole system. Standards items are available (for example turbines compatible for furnace type T120/T80/T40 furnaces) but a specific manufacture can also be offered.
  • One or several cooling muffler plates, oil siphon burners are available upon request and can be made of stainless or solid steel.
  • Some spare parts for gas generators (MET and PROP type retorts, condensers) can also be repaired.
  • Gaskets for connection flanges of your muffles. Injection augers.
  • Elevator conveyors/ quenching tanks or complete conveyors are incorporated in the thermal treatment process, adapted to a specific model or a specific creation corresponding to your environment.