Our pieces for Rotary retort Furnaces

In this category, we group together: the continuous furnaces in which the load advances constantly from the entry to the exit, by means of an endless screw, or the degree of inclination of the furnace. The retort acts as a muffle as in the case of the conveyer furnace.


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These are the most important parts of a furnace. They confine the atmosphere and create the movement and transit of parts, most of the time towards quenching. Alloys must be adapted to the kind of treatment used (for example cementing). The shape must be adapted to size of the parts' and to the furnace's way of functioning, which often causes manufacturing constraints. 
We can make an identical copy of any kind of retort of rotary retort furnace made of sheet metal, from the simplest to the most complex.  

Our commercial, technical and administrative staffs stand ready to provide you with the rotary retort furnace best adapted to your needs.

Brackets for Rotary retort furnaces

Located on the outside, the brackets connect the rotary retort to the driven system of the furnace (for SCHWARTZ furnaces) and may be used and adjusted during the manufacturing of the retort. However, we can generally offer you these parts in carbon steel regardless of the means of production (machining, welding or foundry).

Connecting Parts

Given the fact that in some furnaces the entry of pieces is done through a hoper or a cone, we can provide and install the parts on the retort and on its brackets.

Other Accessories

Our long held experience and knowledge of rotary retort furnaces and their environment means that we are also able to provide you with:

  • Retort packaging that in some cases needs to act as an airtight enclosure in certain furnaces (SCHWARTZ furnaces)
  • Retort plugs
  • Other accessories: retort packaging sealing plugs, passage tubes for temperature sensors and gas injection.