Our pieces for chamber furnaces

In this category, we group together: horizontal furnaces in which the electrical load is temporally placed in an automated way (Furnaces with automatic chains transfer type IPSEN or CIEFFE are also called "batch" furnaces) or non-automated chains. (NABERTHERM, NEW BOREL).   


As with a muffle furnace, in some chamber furnaces the active atmosphere has to be contained in a metal muffle. Most common thermal treatments in this case are based on pre-sintering. The constraints are of thermal type in fast heating and cooling zones. It not only requires special adjustments but also alloy mixing, adapted to the harsh environment.

We can replace or repair your parts, and we are able to imitate all kind of chamber muffle furnaces made of sheet metal, from the simplest to the most difficult shapes.

Our commercial, technical and administrative staffs stand ready to discuss the chamber muffle furnace best adapted to your needs.

The Plug

This is a real "furnace door ", and is permanently in contact with both the inside with its high temperatures and the exterior. It works as a thermal insulator, and most of the time it ensures the management of the burner thanks to its gas injection units, atmosphere control units and fan circulation driven by electric-motor.

We can replace or repair your parts, and are able to imitate every kind of chamber furnace plug made of sheet metal, from the simplest to the most difficult shapes.

The crates, baskets and grill grates

Depending on the type of chamber furnace, parts may be placed in crates (NABERTHERM Furnaces), transfer baskets in the quench zone (IPSEN or CIEFFE furnaces) or directly in grates for reheating furnaces of parts forged before undergoing thermal treatment.
We can provide you with an imitation or item adapted to your own use, there is no standard, we only have tailor-made crates, baskets and grids perfectly adapted to your needs.


These are chains for furnaces with several chambers ("batch" furnaces IPSEN or CIEFFE types) and they push the load from one place to another (for example: cementation towards tempering with oil). We have some standard models in stock, particularly a pair of chains measuring between 41.4 and 63.6 mm, with standard or reinforced alloy lining. Therefore, in just a few days, we are able to deliver you with a new spare pair of chains. On request we can also manufacture other specific models.

Other accessories

We draw on our many years of experience and know-how in the field of chamber furnaces and their environment in order to provide you with:

  • Convention turbines that work under protective atmosphere, the overhauling of engines and of their whole system, furnace diffusers of vacuum tempering furnaces.
  • Accessories manufactured with metal grids.
  • Casing tubes for the furnaces heated by gas and by resistance heating, burner nozzles, and much more.