In 2022

We will exhibit at A3TS Nantes, in HK fair in Koeln and Petrochymia in Martigues. Visit us in 2022 !

France Relance

Our company is a winner of the French Economic Recovery Plan. 

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Conveyor furnaces

To get the extent of our know-how in parts for conveyor belt furnaces, conveyor furnace, continuous furnaces, shaker hearth furnaces and pusher furnaces.

The Partner of the Heat Treatment Professionals

Specialized in the manufacturing and the repairing of refractory alloy pieces for industrial heat treat furnaces.

We work with all furnace brands and types of treatment, as well as in all business sectors.

  • Vertical furnaces
  • Conveyor furnaces
  • Rotary retort Furnaces
  • chamber furnaces
  • Vacuum Furnace