The company, C.A.R. a specialist in boiler-making was bought by RD Technologies at the end of 2013. By joining us, it became C.A.R. RD group.

The objective of this acquisition was not a fusion but a joining of forces and expertise, with each company preserving its independence. A new director for C.A.R. RD group was recruited locally. The geographical implantation of each company remained the same: Château-Renault for C.A.R. and Veynes in the Hautes-Alpes for RD Technologies. 

However each company benefits from this consolidation.

For RD Technologies, our current offer is enriched by additional expertise concerning certain materials. The small size of C.A.R. RD group enables an increased responsiveness and flexibility in production.

For C.A.R., this takeover offers new perspectives since RD Technologies disposes of a very well developed commercial export network in Europe.

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