“We have always been committed to strengthen our skills, to create new products as well as developing partnerships and reaching new markets. Our main values are Effectiveness, Cooperation and Honesty.”

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Open day

On the occasion of the takeover by Galile, we invite you the 6th october to (re) discover our work and know-how.

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Conception of your parts

We have at our disposal a very large database of 2D and 3D drawings so that you will not have to send us back your drawings when we already worked on your parts.

The Partner of the Heat Treatment Professionals

Specialized in the manufacturing and the repairing of refractory alloy pieces for industrial heat treat furnaces.

We work with all furnace brands and types of treatment, as well as in all business sectors.

  • Vertical furnaces
  • Conveyor furnaces
  • Rotary retort Furnaces
  • chamber furnaces
  • Vacuum Furnace